International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros – Why Burros Are Being Safely Removed From Texas

Across the state of Texas there is a big campaign at the moment to get rid of burros, which are wild donkeys. In fact thanks to the brilliant team at International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros, we are seeing many of these burros put into areas where they are able to be given the care and attention which they need.

On the face of it the mission to remove these animals from the wild may seem a touch cruel, but in terms of the bigger picture it is essential work which is being carried out by the state. This will be a long road for conservationists but it is in fact critical work that is required, and here is why we need to make sure that there are no more wild burros in the state.

Pollution of Water

These burros cause a great deal of problems when it comes to the water in the state’s rivers and streams. Down in Texas water is nowhere near as voluminous as it is in other states, and that is why everything must be done to ensure that the water is kept clean. This is for the sake of so many other species of wildlife in the area which heavily depend on the water reserves to drink. Sadly burros are prone to leaving a great amount of droppings in water, and that only serves to pollute the rivers and streams for other animals.


It is important to remember that these burros are not a relic heard, and they really are not suited to this kind of environment. What we expect is that these burros have either escaped from ranches, or have been abandoned. The burros are predominantly from south of the border and as they have wandered north, they have found a temporary home in Texas. The reality however is that there just isn’t the grazing space or fertile land that they need here, which is why capturing and rehousing them is the smartest option here.


If these animals are left in the wild here in the state of Texas then ultimately it would be an irresponsible decision. As the burros breed they will only bring about another generation which is ill-suited to the land, and that could result in a great number of burro deaths, which nobody wants to see.


These animals are not protected, but they do threaten a number of the protected animals and plant species, which they could easily cause damage to. This is exactly why we have to ensure that we are doing all that we can to place the burros in the care of experts, so that they cannot cause harm to all of the protective species here in the state.

They may be pretty to look at, but these burros just don’t belong here, and that is why they are being given the help that they need.

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